Sunday, February 11, 2018

The Right Rises in Germany

Police logged over 1,400 crimes targeting Jews in Germany last year, according to a newspaper report, that averages out as 4 crimes a day The vast majority of the crimes were carried out by right-wing extremists or people with far-right tendencies.  In 95 percent of the total police determined that a right-wing motive had driven the crimes.

The rising trend of anti-Semitic crimes in Germany shows no signs of abating.

 Crimes included 32 acts of violence, 160 instances of property damage, and 898 cases of incitement.

Of the total of 1,453 crimes that targeted Jews or Jewish institutions  just only 25 of the cases were "religiously motivated" involving either foreign-born or German Muslims.

Police determined a left-wing motive in one sole case of incitement.


Anonymous said...

And then they claimed all the violence on the immigrants

ajohnstone said...

Much of the media following the instigation by Israeli government are depicting the BDS campaign as anti-semitic rather than anti-Israel