Friday, October 07, 2016

New Zealand's Child Poverty Shame

New Zealand child poverty is a source of deep concern, says UN. 
Unicef says 300,000 children -  a third of New Zealand’s child population -  live below the poverty line, and criticises the government for failure to tackle the issue. 
This is a rise of 45,000 in a year.

“The committee is deeply concerned about the enduring high prevalence of poverty among children,” the report says, highlighting “the effect of deprivation on children’s right to an adequate standard of living and access to adequate housing, with its negative impact on health, survival, and development, and education”.

The report expresses particular concern about the number of Maori and Pasifika children living in deprived circumstances. Both groups are disproportionately represented in child poverty statistics.

If you are interested in ending all kinds of poverty, contact:
 The World Socialist Party (New Zealand)


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