Saturday, October 01, 2016

More UK kids in poverty

Data released by HM Revenue and Customs shows the number of children in low-income families rose from 2.5million to 2.75million. It means the overall proportion of kids in struggling households has now hit 20% - or one in five of all children.

Imran Hussain, director of policy for the Child Poverty Action Group, said: “Child poverty figures are the best measure we have for whether we really are ‘all in it together’. “What’s clear from these grim figures is that more and more children are being left behind in poverty, missing out on the childhoods and life chances other kids take for granted.”

The HMRC report classes children in low-income families as those either in receipt of out-of-work benefits, or those in receipt of tax credits with an income less than 60% of the national average. HMRC said the results were down to poorer people’s incomes failing to keep up with those enjoying pay rises

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