Sunday, May 01, 2016

May Day Message

The first of May is a worker’s festival, a pledge of fraternity and internationalism, an awakening to the social mission of the working class. It is not a day that should be wasted by the workers in begging crumbs from the table of those who have robbed them, but a day of education and organisation; a marshalling of forces for the conquest of the world by labour. One day the processions that pass will be different. The marchers will be bent on ending the system that exploits them and plunges them into wars, for they will understand the real cause of their troubles and the only way to end them.

The workers produce and distribute the wealth of to-day while the capitalists, the non-producing class, live like leeches on their backs. The workers run industry from top to bottom; we run society itself, and yet we all depend upon the will or the whim of the capitalist for a wage and a livelihood. The workers can just as easily run society for their own benefit as they now do for the benefit of the capitalists. The May Day message we deliver to the workers is the same message every year. Abolish the private ownership of the means of production and substitute for it the common ownership of those means of production. Not nationalisation but socialism is the solution to the workers' problems. By that, and that, only, will war, poverty and insecurity be abolished and the world made a place of peace, plenty and security for all.

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