Saturday, May 21, 2016

Buy a Royal

Prince Andrew, the parasitic Grand Old Duke of York was due £4million in commission from a business deal in corrupt Kazakhstan, leaked emails reveal. The Queen’s son was working as a special trade envoy when he helped kick start the £385 million venture on behalf of Swiss and Greek clients. Andy Pandy is well-known for prostituting his royal position in the interests of Big Business and dictators.

In April 2011, the Prince used his relationship with Kazakh oligarch Kenges Rakishev to help a Greek utility firm and a Swiss finance house bid for infrastructure contracts. Aras Capital, from Zurich, and EYDAP, Greece’s largest water firm wanted to build water and sewage networks in two of Kazakhstan’s largest cities. For his role, Prince Andrew was reportedly to be offered a commission fee of one per cent – or around £3.83million.

Sadly the deal went sour when Kazakh police opened fire on a group of striking oil workers, killing 14, and EYDAP pulled out for fear of being caught up in political turmoil and the poor prince lost out.

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Peter Bennett said...

Join the Republic and get rid of the lot. Let's hope 'king' charlie will help their demise.