Friday, May 06, 2016


Welsh Assembly election 
Here's the result for Swansea West where we were standing:
This is more than we got at last year's UK general election in both number and percentage of votes.

For comparison, here's the result in the same constituency in last year's general election:
Turnout then was 60% compared with 40% on Thursday.

London elections

For the record, two online interviews with our candidate in Lambeth & Southwark, Kevin Parkin, can be found here (Southwark News) and here (SW Londoner).

The results in the three constituencies we contested here.

North East result here: 1293 (0.57%)
 Lambeth & Southwark result here:1333 (0.71%)

South West result here: 1065 (0.5%)

So that's respectively, 1293 (0.57%),  1333 (0.71%) and 1065 (0.5%).

For more details including psephology see our Election Blog

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