Friday, October 07, 2022

The Cost of Climate Change

  More than 3.4 million children in Pakistan are facing chronic hunger, with an estimated 76,000 children in flood-hit areas now experiencing severe food shortages and risking severe malnutrition, said Save the Children.

The number of people going hungry has soared by an alarming 45% since floods wreaked havoc across much of the country, rising from 5.96 million people before the floods hit to 8.62 million people now facing crisis or emergency levels of food insecurity.

Save the Children's Country Director in Pakistan, Khuram Gondal said:

"The true devastation caused by these foods is becoming clearer every day. As well as dealing with the wreckage, the country is now facing a full-blown hunger crisis. We simply cannot allow a situation where children are starving to death because we did not act quickly enough. The people of Pakistan have suffered enough, without losing their children to hunger and disease. We urge governments to send more aid to Pakistan as soon as possible, so we can get help to the millions of families who need it."

Pakistan Floods: More than 3.4 million children across Pakistan going hungry - Pakistan | ReliefWeb

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