Sunday, July 01, 2018

Protest and Survive (1)

Protests against Donald Trump and his immigration policies were held across the US on Saturday, in cities from Los Angeles to Boston and in state capitals and smaller towns between. In Washington, protesters gathered in Lafayette Square, close to the White House. Organised by MoveOn, the American Civil Liberties Union and dozens of other groups. In Indianapolis, thousands gathered outside the seat of government in the home state of Vice-President Mike Pence.

 The protests were also focusing on that choice, which is expected to turn the court sharply right, placing in jeopardy rulings such as Roe v Wade, the 1973 opinion which guarantees the right to abortion. This week, the court upheld Trump’s travel ban against Muslim-majority countries and dealt a heavy blow to unionised labour.

Pressure on Ice has also come from within. Nineteen senior agents sent an open letter to Kirstjen Nielsen, Trump’s homeland security secretary, saying it should be disbanded. The investigators said the immigration crackdown was interfering with the agency’s work against transnational criminal groups.

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