Tuesday, November 28, 2017



The Budget 22/11. Whilst the Chancellor forecasts a bright future                          
for Britain, the Office of Budget Responsibility is more pessimistic
with unemployment expected to rise and living standards to fall.

The Chancellor chirps but Labour squawks,
The OBR's in doubt;
It's all to do with Brexit talks,
And Britain coming out.

For as the Brexiteer's foretold,
The EU's a soft touch;
As Europe's blowing hot not cold,
And wants our trade so much!

They'll even pay to put things right,
All our Health Service fees; (1)
Without us, Europe's in the shite,
And down upon it's knees.

Because they know the world has more,
Than just a passing trade;
And out of Europe (as before)
Old Britain's got it made!

But some say Brexit will reprise,
The nineteenth century;
With unemployment on the rise,
And pay in jeopardy.

Ironically the very folk,
Who voted we should leave; (2)
Will be the first to see the joke,
That they've been so naïve!

(1) To the annoyance of Brexiteers, rather than getting £350m                             
per week for the Health Service, Mrs May has had to raise                            
Britain’s leaving fee to a new level to enable talks to continue.

(2) “The decision for the UK to leave the European Union was       
overwhelmingly supported in parts of England with low                       
income and education levels”. The Guardian 24th June 2016.

© Richard Layton

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