Tuesday, July 05, 2016

IS IT ONLY ME…?!!! (weekly poem)


A lighthearted look at some of the ‘rebels’ in our society

I want to stress and emphasise,
My individuality;
By wearing loads of safety-pins,
Like all the commonality!
I’m keen on having some tattoos,
And not because I’m daft or vain;
But like all the nice sailor boys,
I want to show I can stand pain!

Tattooing’s a most painful art,
But I want to give it a whirl;
As notwithstanding, nowadays,
It’s seen on every teenage girl!
I want to stand out from the crowd,
By being everyway the same;
In hairstyle, clothing, ‘phones and shoes,
In fashion’s self-financing game.

I want a gold-stud through my tongue,
So when I say, “Yer know” and “Like”;
Employers at my interview,
Can say politely, “On yer bike”!
I want a dragon-fire tattoo,
To circumnavigate my neck;
To be a rebel like the rest,
And say to posh folk, “What the heck”!

I want a load of facial studs,
To highlight each pubescent zit;
And make me even uglier,
So that I look a proper tit!
I want a load of piercing fings,
Stuck through my eye-brows and my ears;
So that I stand out from the crowd,
The Twenty-Million of my peers!

I want a Belly-Button Stud,
So that I’m not the only one,
To pick away my scaly scab,
Whilst reading ‘Star Signs’ in the ‘Sun’!
I want to be just one sharp dude,
Who’s seen as ‘streetwise’, ‘now’ and ‘cool’;
Because the last thing I would want,
Is lookin’ like a bleedin’ fool!

© Richard Layton

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