Sunday, July 10, 2016

Another broken promise?

The UK pledged in May that lone child refugees registered in France, Italy or Greece before 20 March could be resettled in the UK. None so far have arrived.

Labour peer, Lord Dubs, said,  “The only people who have come through I know are young people I met in Calais who then made it to Britain on the back of a lorry." Lord Dubs warned that refugee children were coming to a Britain that was "less tolerant" than it was even a few months ago: "It is absolutely shocking. It is very depressing, we have sunk in terms of the way we treat other people."

Bishop of Durham, Paul Butler, said: "Although we rejoiced when the government agreed to step up and resettle unaccompanied child refugees from Europe, we are disappointed that their words are not being put into action.”

Lily Caprani, of Unicef UK, said child refugees continued to "remain stuck for months in wretched camps from Greece to France". She called on the government to "take immediate action to speed up these procedures".

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