Monday, March 26, 2007

the SSP gets a BIG idea

Yep. The Scottish Socialist Party has had a big idea, and when I say big I mean BIG!

Time is ripe to push for free public transport

That was the headline in yesterday's Sunday Herald. The free buses isn't just a policy of the SSP; it is a "flagship"policy, just to remind you of how BIG these pseudo-socialists are thinking these days.

I can see the peasant, soldier and toiler masses getting feverish and storming the Winter Palace because of this one (getting there for free on the bus of course).

Honestly, is that the best vision these "Scottish Socialists" can come up with? In a socialist society all the means of living, not just buses, would be free.


UPDATE -- Typical. The Socialist Party has been very succesful with its spoof London Underground ticket. It looks like the SSP have pinched our idea for their campaign, although a closer look will show the obvious differences, such as the SSP's nationalism.


Frank Partisan said...

It's not the worst idea a group can come up with. I'm not real knowledgeable about local politics.

agitator said...

I much prefer the Socialist Party ticket! A bit better than free bus travel all over Scotland. :-)

J.B said...

I do remember that SPGB ticket from some time ago. I almost considered having it framed! very amusing.

Send me another one!