Tuesday, March 06, 2007


More "New Labour" welfare reforms were announced on Mon 5th Feb. Given the fact, that these reforms will be dealing with some of the most disadvantaged in society, one would expect that the author of this report would be an expert on poverty.
Perhaps someone from one of the multitude of charities operating in this field? (That Capitalism is claimed to be working for us all), one wonders why there are so many?
Perhaps someone who has an intimate knowledge of poverty and the problems engendered by the same.
In what can only be described as a, "Freudian slip", none of the above were involved.
So who did some of the poorest in Capitalism get to "help them"? Well, would you believe a Financial Times correspondent? A person who is also a Senior Banker with UBS AG and also the Great Grandson of Sigmund Freud.
One wonders what David Freud would know about poverty? and seeing as though the main group under scrutiny are single parents, (mostly mothers) the same question applies.
This group will be required to seek employment when their children reach 11 years of age. As opposed to the present ceiling of 16. An "element of compulsion" will be thrown in for good measure.
A recent survey on the workforce recently claimed, that single mothers had the worst deal of any group in the employment market. Being heavily discriminated against.
Work and Pensions Secretary, ( he can type?) John Hutton was at pains to stress his desire to get these people back to work. Obviously he has never undergone the rigours of the "work" involved in raising the next generation of "wage slaves".
He was not talking however, about work but about employment. A relationship whereby a tiny minority use the vast majority to labour for them and get wealthy by accruing the surplus value they create.
This at least, is something David Freud knows something about. Growing wealthy during the Thatcher years, "working" (another Freudian slip) in the City.
Grown wealthy off the sweat of others, he must be drooling at the chance to get even more of the working class making his class richer.
The most worrying thing about these proposals however, is that other members of the working class are generally in favour of these measures.
In five local newspapers that I have read, straw polls have shown a majority in favour of these draconian measures.
Not only do U.K. Capitalisms Board of Directors feel comfortable enough to introduce these measures, but once again they have the backing of their "slaves".
What the above shows is, that it is more important than ever to spread the message of the alternative to the obscenity that is Capitalism. An alternative to a society wherein a tiny minority live in obscene luxury, whilst the vast majority live in varying degrees of poverty, want, stress and insecurity. Relying on "selling themselves" to these parasites to live.
That we as a class have the power, (the vote) to abolish this state of affairs and bring about a society where the good and well being of all is the prime prerequisite, is beyond question.
What is lacking is the understanding and thus the will to achieve this goal.
Knowledge is power. With Knowledge of our own interests as a class , combined with the vote, we can change the world so that the odium that are "welfare reforms", will be resigned to the dustbin of history. Along with its pregenitor, Capitalism.


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