Thursday, December 14, 2006

Think for a minute

Did you hear the Victoria Derbyshire show (hosted right now by Matt Bannister, as Vic is on maternity leave) on BBC Radio 5 Live the other day? The discussion centred on prostitution due to the horrific events happening in Ipswich.

Some Emailers and callers nigh on busted their spleens in order to say the most hateful and nasty things about "working girls." (That term is revolting itself.) The hookers were dehumanised. The odd fruit claimed they deserved killing.

Is it too far of a leap to say it only needs a deep psychosis before that hatred and dehumanisation of badly positioned women (poor, sexually abused histories, drug addicts) leads to a killing spree, to "Jolly Jack" reborn?

Prostitutes don't do this for fun. Those that scream disgusting noise ought to think why girls sell , are forced in fact, to sell sex for cash.

Those people who wrote and called on 5 Live should hang their heads in shame.


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