Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Party Speakers' blasts from the past

Some Speakers Notes from 1950 to 1952 have been found at our Head Office. As the quotes below from the Notes show, capitalism and capitalist politics haven't changed much in the past fifty or so years.

"Reuter's correspondence reported from Georgetown, British Guiana:'Coloured dockers were on strike tonight against the employment of two menthey describe as 'whitelegs'." (News Chronicle, 21 Sept, 1950).

"Seventy-one-year old Miss Florence Harry-Jones has been elected presidentof Chingford (Essex) Young Conservatives" (Evening Standard, October 20,1950).

"A year's supply of potatoes for 12 million people -- 26,700,000 bushels-- has been destroyed by the US Deptartment of Agriculture this year,because it could not sell them abroad. The potatoes were bought to protectfarmers against losses. - Reuter" (News Chronicle, 24 Nov, 1950).

"The US Army has announced 'New unconventional methods' to speed uptraining. A division can now be ready for action in nine months instead of15. Said General Mark Clark: 'We'll make them ruthless, rugged killers."(Daily Express, 7th August, 1950).

"Mr. Jim Hammond, Communist president of the Lancashire miners, told aCommunist Party meeting at Bolton yesterday: 'I don't want one Italian working down a British mine. I regard their entry into British mines as a form of escape from paying the wages which will attract British miners'."(Daily Express, 28th February, 1952).

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