Monday, August 05, 2019

The crisis of civilisation

Despite all the promises and pledges by “concerned” governments and corporate businesses, the quantity of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere keeps increasing. The Earth's temperature is rising. The prognosis for the future health of the planet of the scientists is a pessimistic one. The longer the delay in taking action to combat climate change, the more serious the repercussions become. Many developing countries will suffer most and a number of small island states face potential disappearance. The 2015 Paris Agreement that agreed on 1.5C limit was a compromise made by political negotiations not the scientific recommendation, merely the experts' general approximation of what was required to be done. In order to achieve that 1.5C target there will have to be a consistent reduction in emissions worldwide, starting next year. “A rather idealistic undertaking, from today's point of view," says Hans-OttoPörtner, climatologist and marine biologist, and co-chairman of a working group of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), “The longer we wait, the more drastic the measures we will have to take.”

World Meteorological Organization chief Petteri Taalas, said of the recent heatwaves, This is not science fiction. It is the reality of climate change. It is happening now and it will worsen in the future without urgent climate action."

A vulture capitalist system worshipping profits above all else makes any real sea-change in conviction very hard to do.

The Socialist Party has the task of saving the future of humanity and the planet. It has a responsibility to future generations. We must change almost everything of our current society to reverse the climate crisis that threatens our civilisation. Many people are oblivious to or in denial of our plight. The excesses of global capitalism have driven all of humanity to the brink of ecological catastrophe and civilisation collapse. People live in delusion. The Socialist Party will fight for survival. Capitalism is a destabilising social system giving rise to disillusionment and desperation driving the poverty of billions and their declining living standards. Working people are primed for an alternative to the capitalist economic system that threatens families and the lives of their children and grandchildren.

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