Monday, August 19, 2019

Hondurans Against Hernandez

Amnesty International has called for an end of the Honduras president Hernández’s policy of repression. Just as the world media has paid little attention to the demonstrations in Brasil such as the last mass woman's march, the resistance to Hernandez gets little mention. 

Honduras, a Latin American nation of nine million people, has been hit by unrest, with people expressing anger at pro-US President Juan Orlando Hernandez (JOH). The wave of demonstrations saw the US diplomatic mission attacked by protesters – but the mainstream media scarcely said a word about it. The political class, or rather the mainstream press, has almost uniformly been supportive of Juan Orlando Hernandez. The Honduran mass media is owned by the same people who supported the coup, the same people who've supported Juan Orlando Hernandez, and they've been basically his propagandists.

Austerity cuts approved by the IMF has caused massive layoffs, increased costs of basic goods and essentially made their lives difficult. Demostrations by the Platform for the Defense of Education and Public Health, a coalition of trade unionists and public workers have sought the president’s removal over his plans for public services.

Hernández’s 2013 presidential campaign had been partly funded by money from drug traffickers.
The Hernández campaign received $1.5m from “drug proceeds” that were used to bribe local officials in exchange for protection and the completion of public works. The regime hasn't built a single school, that's seen the healthcare system completely collapse

While the world's media ensures Venezuelan opposition leader Guaido receives publicity, less coverage is given to Honduran opposition politician, Salvador Nasralla, when he says,We live in a country that is a narco-state, where the Supreme Court of Justice, the Public Ministry, Congress, and the Armed Forces are used for drugs to cross the border. Drugs have been crossing through Honduras since 2002. Seventeen years of it, seventeen years of money being handed to politicians.”

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