Sunday, July 29, 2018

The Rise of the Right

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban decried the "undemocratic" governments of Western Europe.

"There is liberalism in the West, there is no democracy," said Orban. He called on a new model for Europe based on "Christian democracy," which he said is "anti-immigrant, anti-multicultural and stands for the Christian family model. Europe's leaders are inadequate, they are unable to defend Europe from immigration."

Italian prosecutors are investigating rescue workers from international NGOs as Italy's populist government cracks down on private sea rescues. The rescuers work for various international nongovernmental organizations, including Doctors Without Borders and Save the Children. Prosecutors have not pressed any charges and the preliminary investigation is a "technical process" in order to gather information from computers and phones. 

Italy has intensified its fight against private sea rescuers. In June, it turned away a migrant rescue ship that belonged to the German NGO Sea Watch and was carrying more than 600 refugees. The country's populist government has promised to curb the massive influx of migrants from Africa

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