Tuesday, July 03, 2018

TARIFF TRICKERY (weekly poem)

Consumer groups have long complained about confusing
power, utility and mobile phone tariffs, hard to fathom
out rail fares and misleading supermarket special offers.

Do complex fares and prices help,
The customer to choose;
Or have they simply been devised,
To baffle and confuse?

The answer, customers, would seem,
To be self-evident;
The stratagem is to ensure,
More of your money's spent.

Thus customers should carefully think,
About big-business ways;
And whether such arrangements have,
Today, seen better days.

It should be possible by now,
To meet all peoples needs;
Without resorting to such tricks,
Or kindred dirty deeds.

The notion humankind is served,
By profits for the few;
Has been accepted up to now,
As orthodoxly true.

But if we all are driven by,
An egocentric greed;
Why do we bow down to the few,
And feed their profit need?

© Richard Layton

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