Tuesday, September 20, 2016



Some members of the union UNITE are unhappy that
it has contributed £400,000 to the cost of General
Secretary, Len McCluskey’s £700,000 London flat.

Workers of the World-UNITE!
And think of poor old Len;
Stuck in a London flat that’s his,
Executive-type den!
He’ll bathe, no doubt, in asses milk,
With body-massage jets;
Cocooned from strikes and boss pay hikes,
And industry’s upsets.

And when his beard is powdered and,
He’s generally well-fed;
He’ll knock back the odd Krug before,
Retiring to his bed.
The problem in these troubled times,
With many union brass;
Is that they get above themselves,
And then forget their class.

And all the folk that pay their dues,
That they should represent;
Are cast aside in the mad rush,
Of their career’s ascent.
For as they climb to dizzy heights,
Far up the greasy pole;
They soon learn to adapt as they,
Adopt a brand-new role.

As fat cats of a new concern,
A union industry;
Whose business these days is to lord,
It over you and me.
The union brass soon find their feet,
And cosy up to those
Employers that their members pay,
Good money to oppose.

The jollies and the odd free lunch,
And all the other perks;
Is where the rot starts to set in,
And where the danger lurks.
So Brothers as you pay their pay,
Check the expenses cheques,
And other bunce received by your,
Freewheelin’ General Sec’s!

© Richard Layton

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