Tuesday, September 27, 2016



With Corbyn’s win in the leadership contest, there will now be
more who agree with Labour’s Deputy Leader, Tom Watson’s
allegation that the Party has been invaded by Trotskyists.

The body of New Labour’s been,
Infected by the Trots,
Who suffer from verbal diarrhoea,
And tie themselves in knots;
As they’re incapable all round,
Of joining up the dots! 
The Trots are a revolting lot,
Who haven’t got a clue,
And thus they need their ‘Leadership’,
To tell them what to do.
Such leaders who ex-Trots confirm,
Believe that truth’s taboo. (1)

They want a ‘revolution’ to,
Indulge in ‘shock and awe’,
If only they could all decide,
What it was really for.
But in the meantime we can all,
Enjoy a good guffaw!
They’ll, “Nationalise top companies”,
Their theory’s masterpiece,
And then like Trotsky and and his pals, (2)
Bring in the secret police;
In case the wicked bourgeoisie,
Cause a breach of the peace!

‘Transitional demands’ comprise,
Their main strategic quirk,
Two centuries of the big C.,  
Have shown they do not work;
But notwithstanding this, it’s still,
Believed by each Trot berk!
So Comrades! to the barricades!
At last we’re on the brink; 
The revolution’s come at last,
(Too late to start to think!)
Bring Molotov cocktails as you’ll,
Need a Dutch Courage drink!

(1) As in the ‘Comrade Delta’ case.

(2) “Red Terror hastens the destruction of the bourgeoisie”. Quoted by
Trotsky in ’Terrorism and Communism: A Reply to Kaul Kautsky’ p 58.

© Richard Layton

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