Friday, September 30, 2016

We need more say Cambodian worker

Cambodia’s estimated 700,000 garment workers are to get a rise in their minimum wage. But some union representatives have criticised the latest raise, saying it falls short of a fair minimum wage.

The government agreed to raise wages for garment workers by 9.2 percent by the beginning of next year. The minimum wage of garment factory workers for 2017 has been officially set at $153 (136 euros) per month.

However, many union representatives said the latest increase of $13 monthly fell drastically short of a fair minimum wage.

"All the workers' union leaders and I, myself, are not happy with this new increased wage," said Ath Thorn, president of one of the unions that took part in negotiations. "Due to the general expenses of the workers being too high, especially the prices of goods that keep increasing day by day, I think the fair minimum wage for the workers should $171 per month," he added.

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