Thursday, September 22, 2016

Victorian Poverty Returns to Salford

The number of malnutrition cases in Salford has DOUBLED - with many of the victims children. Victorian illnesses such as rickets and beriberi - thought to be long eradicated - are on the rise due to food poverty according to a shocking new report.  The number of people being admitted to hospital with the condition doubled over a four year period. Salford council leaders believes that poverty is also to blame.

Paul Dennett, the city’s elected Mayor, said: “Poverty which we once thought was relegated to the distant past is cropping up again in Salford - malnutrition, hunger, fuel poverty and homelessness.” He continued, Many of the skilled jobs that used to sustain cities like ours don’t exist anymore. Many of the new jobs are insecure, low paid, and low skilled. They aren’t enough to provide the bare essentials. That’s why we’ve seen a drastic rise in in-work poverty, foodbank usage and homelessness. Forgotten forms of poverty are becoming standard again.”

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