Friday, September 23, 2016

Did you notice?

Wednesday the 21st of September was the United Nations International Day of Peace.

We cannot just decide to end war but what we can do, though, is decide to establish a society in which war is inconceivable. Socialism has been possible for decades, and we do not need wars. Why must society live under the constant threat of war. Humanity needs to scrap the artificial division of the world's people into social classes, national states, political units and economic blocs — to scrap the social system which is the cause of war in the modern world. What we want to change is not just getting rid of weapons, it’s getting rid of the whole structure that created the need for weapons in the first place.  The way things are organised is neither natural nor inevitable, but created by people. People have a wealth of skill, intelligence, creativity and wisdom. We could be devising ways of using and distributing the earth’s vast resources so that no one starves or lives in abject poverty, making socially useful things that people need — a society which is life-affirming in all its aspects. Not a world at war all of the time.

Any effort spent on reforms is effort not expended on revolution. The only way to prevent war is to establish socialism. In the name of suffering humanity we call you to muster under our banner! 

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