Saturday, May 02, 2015

Pilott On Religion

A response to questions about the family, same-sex marriage, sex education in primary schools, abortion, Sharia law, 'discrimination' against Christians, etc., asked by an individual connected with this organisation, The Power of the Cross:  

Our Socialist Party candidate, Howard Pilott, responded:

Thanks for your email.  Given that I am standing on a Socialist ticket you may not surprised to learn that I am not a great fan of organised religion, the history of which shows it as having been central to the legitimation of oppressive power structures. I acknowledge that Jesus Christ was an interesting figure: a reforming rabbi [probably a pharisee] who stood against the power structures of the temple and advocated a return to simpler and more honest values.  However I am not sure that anywhere he advocated starting another religion [wasn't that Paul?].

We have inherited in the west a judeo-christian moral backbone to our legal system and so many aspects of the christian ethics are already embedded within our world.  However I feel it is time we cast off the world views of 2000 years ago; put aside what we might now refer to as childish things.

Oppressive worlds need something to enable people to have hope, and religion fits this bill.  I'd rather address the oppression than adopt the religion. There are some things in your list with which I have some sympathy and many that I baulk at.  I haven't answered them all as I think you will already have formed your opinion about my candidacy: I will not be advancing the cause of radical christians and also I am not a fan of Andrea Williams.

If however I am mistaken and you wish more of my views, please let me know and I will be happy to oblige.

Howard Pilott

The Socialist Party Candidate for Brighton Pavilion

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Anonymous said...

I fully agree with the comrade's views on religion in general and Churchianity in particular. In fact I think he is bending over backwards being so charitable. Don't be surprised if his views make him as popular with the God Squad as 'Pontius' Pilott!