Tuesday, May 21, 2024

We're doomed I tell ye!


Don’t retired British army Generals get paid enough by the capitalist system after they have spent their lives working to carry out the orders of said system in its support that they have to supplement teir pensions by ramping up the scare factor with interviews to The Sun?

How long before the two minute Putin/Russia hate is introduced across the land?

The Sun has an interview with an ex-General -republished by the MailOnline too - where he states: ‘Vladimir Putin could pound Britain with dozens of the same missiles he's using to blitz Ukraine - and there's nothing the UK could do to stop them, an ex-general has warned. The weapons would have the capacity to reach Britain in just 90 minutes, travelling at speeds of 600mph, according to General Sir Richard Barrons. The retired British Army officer estimated that an attack would involve Russia firing over the missiles in waves of 60 to 90 at a time. Speaking to The Sun, General Barrons warned that the UK would currently be unable to fend off such an onslaught.’

This military ‘expert’ posits that Russia would attack the UK using the type of missiles Russia is using against Ukaine. Apparently, they would tale ninety minutes to arrive here and would comes in waves of ‘sixty to ninety at a time.’

SOYMB is not a military ‘expert’ but in the case of the Russians being seriously peeved wouldn’t they send fewer and more effective ICBM’s?

The article says that, ‘Defence Secretary Grant Shapps told The Sun’s World At War that Britain was in talks to join Europe’s Sky Shield air defence system. He said the MoD was in early stage talks “on what a European sky shield might look like”. The scheme was proposed by Berlin in response to Moscow’s strikes on Ukraine. If Britain joins it would likely mean US Patriot missiles, Israeli Arrow-3s and German IRIS-T missiles deployed on British soil.’

Shades of the eighties and Greenham Common and American cruise missiles based here.

Is this the point of this drip drip scaremongering? Is the point to frighten the population so much that any repressive measures enacted by the government for the ‘sake of national security’ will be unquestionably accepted?

They’ll be telling us next that the Russians are re-enacting communism -it never was, the Soviet Union was state capitalist, and that it’s a threat to the wonderful capitalist system that we all enjoy.

We might know know the precise point of such cock-and-bull stories but we do know that the need for a majority to realise that the need for the transition to a socialist society is more pressing than ever



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