Thursday, February 22, 2024

New audio uploads

 From 2023:


‘German Political Culture and Socialism’ - commentary on Rammstein’s music video ‘Deutschland‘, by Andrew Westley 15th December 2023

'Is a Moneyless Society Possible?' - Richard Field, 8th December 2023

'Discussion on Gaza' - hosted by Adam Buick and Paddy Shannon, 17th November 2023

'Is there such a thing as ethical investment?' - Hosted by Adam Buick, 20th October 2023



‘Has the Internet Enhanced or Inhibited Workers Understanding of the World’ - John Cumming, 19th January 2024

‘State Constitutions – Paper and Reality’ - by Uther Naysmith, 12th January 2024

‘Roundup of 2023’ - hosted by Paddy Shannon, 5th January 2024 

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