Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Socialist Sonnet No. 122



An afternoon of snooker on TV,

With every frame winning followed by

A commercial break, adverts that try,

Through poignant entreaty, to persuade me

To pick up my phone or just send a text

And donate month on month, as if charities

Can correct all the gross disparities

Of capitalism. First, war zones, next

The homeless, food banks, then forced marriage

Of young girls, the latest famine, immense

Problems of diseases drugs costing pence

Could treat, chronic loneliness of old age.

Each and every one a worthy mission,

But none will cure the ills of competition.


D. A.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Television free so thinking of adverts from years ago. Wot, no pay for your funeral now ads?
Gone, one hopes are the loan companies ads, APR only one thousand per cent or more.
Assume that charity ads based upon not being a Scrooge will also be prevalent at this time of year? Pohl and Kornbluth Sci-fi novel, "The Space Merchants" premised upon advertising executives ruling the world.