Thursday, September 28, 2023

New audio uploads

 The following talks have been added to the Audio section of the website,.

‘Enough is Enough’ is Not Enough – by Alan Johnstone, 3rd February 2023

War! What is it Good For? – by David Coggan, 17th February 17 2023

What’s in a Name? – by Glenn Morris, 24th February 2023

The Rewards of Competition – by Richard Field, 17th March 2023

Sustainability Before and After the Revolution – by John Cumming, 24th March 2023

Why Should the Earth Be Privately Owned? – by Adam Buick, 19th May 2023

Degrowth – by Paul Bennett, 26th May 2023

Statistics – How They Are Used In Capitalism and How They Could Be Used in Socialism – by Richard Botterill, 7th July 2023

Work: Paid and Unpaid – by Howard Moss, 23rd July 2023

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