Tuesday, March 07, 2023

Gender Inequality


Global progress on women’s rights is “vanishing before our eyes”, the secretary general of the UN, António Guterres, has warned.

The goal of gender equality will take another three centuries to achieve.

“Women’s rights are being abused, threatened and violated around the world,” he added, as he ticked off a litany of crises: maternal mortality, girls ousted from school, caregivers denied work and children forced into early marriage.

He stressed that “in many places, women’s sexual and reproductive rights are being rolled back [and] in some countries girls going to school risk kidnapping and assault”.

“Centuries of patriarchy, discrimination and harmful stereotypes have created a huge gender gap in science and technology,” Guterres said, citing as an example how women represent only 3% of Nobel prize winners in those sectors.

Gender equality still ‘300 years away’, says UN secretary general | Women's rights and gender equality | The Guardian

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