Friday, January 27, 2023

Bad News Hunt

  Unison’s general secretary Christina McAnea said in a statement that Jermy Hunt, the chancellor holds the key to unlock the damaging health pay dispute and rebuild the NHS, but he’s not even trying.

"No plan for the economy can succeed unless the government also focuses on essential services. Paying proper wages will halt the staff exodus and mean there’s more money to spend in the local high street."

 The TUC  accused the chancellor of ignoring the “crisis” in public services and the “fundamental issue of public sector pay” and “massive staffing crisis” hitting the country’s schools, hospitals, care homes and other key services.

The TUC general secretary, Paul Nowak, said, "Public servants will be deeply worried about the chancellor’s warnings of further restraint. We know that is usually code for cuts."

Jeremy Hunt ‘not even trying’ to settle NHS pay dispute, says Unison – UK politics live (

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