Thursday, October 02, 2014

TTIP - Corporate Interests Versus Capitalist Democracy

Corporate interests may be winning in U.S.-EU trade negotiations, endangering public health and the environment, a new cache of documents (pdf) leaked on Tuesday show.

Backed by powerful industry advisers and bolstered by U.S. allies who have already made significant concessions to move negotiations along, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) deal is poised to derail European regulations around the use and transport of chemicals—regulations which are significantly stronger than those in the U.S. The deal would also limit public access to information on toxic and hazardous substances.
The documents show TTIP advisers doing their best to diminish any effort by the European Commission to enforce safety requirements from previous negotiations, which the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) agency has called “trade barriers.”

 An analysis (pdf) by the Center for International Environmental Law, Client Earth, and the Natural Resources Defense Council found that the TTIP aims to:
  • Freeze the development and implementation of stronger, more health-protective laws;
  • Derail European leadership on hormone (endocrine) disrupting chemicals, nanomaterials and other urgent and emerging issues;
  • Block US states and EU Member States from taking action in the face of inaction by the US federal government and European Commission;
  • Limit public access to information on toxic chemicals, impeding innovation;
  • Erase important differences between EU and US laws; and
  • Create duplicative inefficiencies, providing no added value to the general public.
“It is clear that the chemical industry’s agenda is to delay or derail public efforts to establish protections from toxic chemicals to the greatest extent possible on both sides of the Atlantic,” said NRDC senior attorney Daniel Rosenberg. “The interests of the chemical industry are not the same as the publics’ and U.S. and EU officials should be strenuously opposing the industry’s agenda, not eagerly abetting it.”

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Accounts such as this are no surprise to socialists. The capitalist system is run to favour capitalists, to which fast-growing numbers of people agree as they see their various brands of democracy waning. So-called 'democracy' is imposed on the masses by state governments in order to protect the hierarchy of which they are a part. Real democracy, decided by the people, for the people can only come with a system change to socialism.

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