Monday, November 18, 2013



Wage Rises‭ ‬‘cause inflation‭’‬ but,
Share Dividends fund wealth‭;
Executive large Pay Awards,
Show rude investment health. ‭

High Salaries‭ ‬‘incentivise‭’‬,                  ‭
Share Pay outs‭ ‬‘motivate‭’‬;                  ‭
But Pay Claims prove that workers lives,
Are far too profligate‭!

Director‭’‬s Bonuses are good,
High Wages simply bad‭;‬                                 ‭
As they cause profits to decline,                        ‭
Which makes the wealthy sad‭!‬                           ‭

The Stock Exchange invests their cash,
And Bankers help it grow‭;
By taking all the money stock,
And helping it to flow.

Inducements only are a spur,
If you‭’‬re a rich Celeb‭;‬    ‭
Director or Executive,
But not a lowly pleb‭!

Us common folk,‭ ‬we only need,
A patriotic call‭;
To make us rapidly forget,
That we possess sod-all‭!

‭©‬ Richard Layton ‭

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Brendon said...

Brilliant poem! Couldn't have said it better.