Monday, October 11, 2010

failure of reformism

The total net household wealth of the top 10 per cent of the population is £853,000, almost 100 times more than the net wealth of the poorest 10 per cent, which is at most £8,800. , while one in five people lived in a household with less than 60 per cent of average income.The report says: “People on lower incomes are more likely to live in over-crowded housing, and those living in social housing, in particular, are more likely to say that their local neighbourhood has problems with crime.” One in ten people lived in polluted and grimy neighbourhoods, with crime, violence and vandalism more likely to affect women with children and many ethnic minority groups.

Equality and Human Rights Commission chairman Trevor Phillips said: "For some, the gateways to opportunity appear permanently closed, no matter how hard they try; while others seems to have been issued with an 'access all areas' pass at birth."

Men and women in the highest socio-economic group can expect to live up to seven years more than those in the lower socio-economic groups. The rich also enjoy significantly better health while they are alive.

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