Friday, December 12, 2008

Boom and Bust

Poor old Gordon Brown. He must be thinking, when he is not saving the World (sic), the longed for PM job was not all it was cracked up to be after all.

Not only are those humourless Germans after him with regard to the present state of the economy, the Tories have been after him too. They reminded him of his oft said promise, when he was Chancellor, of Labour never returning to the boom and bust we had under the Tories.

The boom and bust attack is typical opposition talk. Britain did have recession (defined in academic terms as two consecutive quarters of decline in GDP) under the Tories lest they forget. The Tories are merely trying to make political capital from the situation.

Many years ago, I rang in to a Sky News phone in. Alas, the ever lovely Natasha Kaplinsky did not give me the chance to come back on my point to the Labour man, who was the guest.

I put it to him that capitalism is an inherently anarchic system of production and Browns statement on boom and bust was just so much spin. The politicians do not control capitalism and sooner or later the system delivers a bust.

The Tories, like Labour, do not base their views on boom and bust (of course) on the theories of Karl Marx - theories that are proving themselves of far more weight than their waffle.


Jock said...

I agree with this, Brown is definitely a fool or a political conman. Regarding SPGB, I borrowed a book out the library called the "Monument" , about the SPGB. Is it a sympathetic/accurate history? I have only started to read it.
P.S. I will subscribe to the Standard in the new year

Mondialiste said...

It's reasonably sympathetic but not all that accurate especially towards the end. The author doesn't reveal that he is in fact the Robert Coster who gets a good write-up. But it's a good read, full of amusing anectdotes.

Jock said...

Will let you know what I think when I have read it. It takes me weeks to complete a book, too busy being a wage-slave!