Friday, October 10, 2008

Capitalism kills

What day is it today? Yes, it's Friday but also 'World Day Against Death Penalty'. In fact, the year is peppered with such days. Many of them focus on specific problems endemic to capitalism, such as racial discrimination (21 March), various readily preventable poverty-related diseases (eg malaria, 25 April), child labour (12 June), refugees (20 June), torture, corruption, etc. Pure, misleading, myopic reformism day after day. This is not to say that Socialists consider such issues irrelevant. We are, for example, against capital punishment yet will not join such single issue campaigns. Those for or against are equally short-sighted. The vast majority of people who kill are not executed: a soldier is a hero if he does so in uniform, but labeled a murderer if he takes lives when dressed in civilian clothes. Similarly, the food producers who, with their profits in mind, destroy vast amounts of edible material in a world where millions starve to death are in no danger of being strung up, electrocuted, gassed, shot or given a lethal injection. Every execution shows that the death penalty is no deterrent. "Neither the reintroduction of capital punishment, nor its continued absence from the options available to courts, will lead to a murder-free society. Crime has roots in the social relationships of this system and will pass when this society is ended. The imbued with, and distorted by, a morass of emotions. In its proper context, we should see that in innumerable ways, all the time, capitalism kills; it is a social system unfit for human habitation." (Socialist Standard, August 1983)


Web Log said...

Socialism kills the most.

During the 20th century alone, Socialist Russia murdered 63 million people. Socialist China murdered 50 million. Socialist Germany murdered 21 million. If you lived in Cambodia in the 70s, you had a 2 to 1 chance of surviving without being murdered by your socialist government. In total, Socialism has murdered 170 million people in the 20th century alone.

These numbers do not include death by due process of law, death in combat, death due to accidental famine... this is counting only those murdered by socialist governments.

So what about war losses caused by socialism?

In Uganda, in 1996, the price of an AK-47 was the same as the price of a chicken. Who made AK-47s, and made them so readily available to the world? The answer is Socialist Russia and Socialist China; the same who constantly fund upheavals of Africa, causing war and famine, for their own political again.

World War II was started by Socialist Germany and Socialist Russia. The total losses due to war during World War II were about 60 million. Russia lost about 27 million due to combat, Germany about 15 million. Socialist China lost about 2 million during the Korean War – the war caused by Socialist Russia and Socialist China attempting to conquer the free society of Korea. The Vietnam Conflict was supported by Socialist China, Socialist Russia, and Socialist North Korea attempting to take over the free society of Vietnam. Those socialist countries lost about 1.2 million during the Vietnam conflict.

Other countries' refusal to adopt the same free market concepts that have proven to be so successful is no fault of those countries that do accept free market concepts. To suggest that anything Capitalism has ever done even compares to the hundreds of millions of deaths, murders and other atrocities directly caused by Socialism is the same flat-earth mentality that would get your thrown into a gulag in your favorite Socialist society.

hallblithe said...

Thanks for your views.

Our conception of Socialism going back over 100 years has absoluteltly nothing to do with state capitalist countries. We are on record as early as August 1918 in saying that the Russian revolution was nor Socialist. We warned against the rise of fascism in the 1930s.
National socialism is a contadiction in terms along the lines of christian science or marxism-leninism.