Monday, August 18, 2008

Radical Film Forum

A Season of Free Film Evenings
From Sunday 14th September to Sunday 23rd November

Radical Film Forum - 52 Clapham High Street

.Tired of mainstream films?· Bored of the blockbuster?
· Want more than just passive consumption?

Sun 14th Sep
Animal Farm

Although the theme focuses on the concept of leadership it also questions our understanding of a democratic society.

Sun 28th Sep
Who Killed the Electric Car?
Classic example of profit coming into conflict with social needs and when the product on offer clearly threatens manufacturing interests the steps taken to ensure the profit system stays in control.

Sun 12th Oct
Judgement Day: Intelligent Design on trial

This film documentary is a brilliant expose of how determined the religious fundamentalists are in undermining the scientific explanation for evolution.

Sun 26th Oct
The Corporation

Documentary film critical of the modern-day corporation and for the US judiciary to accept it "as a class of person". This production evaluates the behaviour of corporations towards society and the world at large much as a psychologist might evaluate an ordinary person.

Sun 9th Nov


Produced by Peter Joseph a documentary film on the hypothesis that Jesus is a myth; the attacks of 9/11; and the Federal Reserve Bank. This production not only examines he origins of religion but also provides remarkable insights on why it continues to be a major social influence. Is religion a natural phenomena or major conspiracy?

Sun 23rd Nov
The War on Democracy

America is fond of portraying itself as the 'saviour of democracy' when the evidence suggests otherwise. Investigative journalist John Pilger places this portrayal under the microscope.

Please note all films start at 4 p.m.

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