Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A New Year Threatens

I hope readers of this blog enjoyed the food, the drink and the company of their friends and family over Christmas.

Normally, the Socialist Party gets very cynical at Xmas (like the time we said: "Why Santa Claus Should Get Stuffed"). But let's be different for a change and not rant about the commercial nature of the whole shebbang; or how divorces rise as people try hard to be happy but end up miserable and arguing as the stress becomes too much; and let us not even go into that arch-parasite's insulting message to those she calls her subjects. Nope - we workers need a break from the grind of producing profits for the capitalists, and it is thus with a sincere wish that I hope people did get to relax.

Of course, get ready for yet another year of the same: stress at work, bills to pay, etc.

2007 reviews will look at how England managed to surprise in the Rugby Union World Cup, or how England lost in a deciding football game against Croatia at Wembley. If it isn't the sport, focus will be on, perhaps, the change in New Labour leadership and the election that wasn't and the collapse of Northern Rock.

Attention won't be put on how the capitalist system has stunted and ended lives in 2007, like it did in 2006, 2005, 2004...and how it will do so in 2008.

As 2008 approaches, workers will genuinely hope 2008 will be a happy year. 1 January has obtained a mystical status; it's almost as if life starts on a fresh new page in the diary of human history, to use an alliteration. It's a foolish hope in reality.

Here, the Socialist Party isn't being cynical at all. We are stating a fact, and I guess people recognise that fact all too well.

So we say to fellow workers: why not take out a subscription to the "Socialist Standard", read about socialism, and why not even consider joining the party? There can be no socialism without your help.

And when more and more join the socialist movement, 2009 might actually be a happy new year because we have acted in common to end war, poverty and all the other problems caused by capitalism because we have cast it on the scrapheap of history




4socialismnow! said...

Guess you can look in your crystal ball! But it's better to look back in history, capitalism hasn't always existed, from primitive communism, slavery to feudalism, now capitalism! The point is that now the working class can consciously put an end to this system which produces for profit, not for human needs, of a system which throws up wars, environmental destruction and poverty, to name but a few. Instead of this mad system things could be produced for need, will be freely accessible to all, what is produced is democratically decided upon,no wars, no borders. Just think past the narrow confines of capitalism!