Sunday, June 21, 2020

Wake Him Up When It's Over

Capitalist and TV Star Alan Sugar has urged the Government to lift lockdown restrictions -- because he knows no one who has died from the Coronavirus (The Metro, 19-6-20)

      The current deaths in the U. K. according Gov. UK is 42, 632.

 He has been in Florida with his wife during the lockdown (that must have difficult for him).

  'Look I'm not a Doctor [classic line] and I don't want to give advice.'

 ' I have been in Florida for six months, so I have lived through the crisis, the shortage of ventilators, masks and hospital beds being full up . . .'

 'I have seen the transition of restaurants, tennis courts, golf clubs opening. This has been going on now for six weeks.'

 'We've come out of this so-called lockdown. Who's dead ? I'm still alive. My wife, thank God is still alive, so is everyone I know. It's a clue that maybe we've reached  a peak.'

 According to Centres For Disease Control & Prevention the U. S. A. has 119, 615 deaths.

For Alan Sugar as long as he, his family and friends are  well it's okay. He doesn't want to talk about the  working class deaths worldwide, he wants business as usual.

We don't want to live in your world. We want a world without buying and selling, a world without money and profits. We want production for need.

We want a world without leaders and capitalists.

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