Tuesday, April 24, 2018


The Tories have been hounding 'SS Windrush' immigrants (invited here
by the Government in 1948) to prove they are British or be deported.

Those harridans named May and Rudd,
Left 'Windrush' settlers in the lurch;
Rudd's Office is now mired in crud, (1)
May salves her conscience knelt in church. (2)
They've both pursued a hostile feud,
'Gainst those once new to the UK;
A policy both cruel and crude,
To force some immigrants away.

They've also bashed the unemployed,
The sick, disabled and the poor;
The Tories need the help of Freud,
And us to show them to the door.
There's nothing they will not stoop to,
To keep themselves in government;
We need an ocean of Jeyes Bloo,
To rid us of such excrement.

May summed it up some years ago,
“The Nasty Party” through and through; (3)
That’s for the lowest of the low,
The racists that she panders to.
Each person a mere voters card,
And right-wing ideology;
Means keeping power with no holds barred,
And using snob kidology.

So what is it with those dim wits,
Who vote for Tories every time?
A Party that's the very pits,
Engaged in anti-social slime?
Are the electors none too smart?
Are they just low life from the pond?
As every five years they take part,
And let themselves be truly Conned.

(1) Amber Rudd described her department's action as, “appalling” but
her Home Office officials have only been pursuing Government policies.

(2) Whilst Home Secretary, May boasted that she'd create a, ”really hostile
environment” for illegal immigrants, following the Tory pledge  to reduce
immigration numbers to unrealistic levels following the success of UKIP.

(3) “You know what people call us: the nasty party” . T. May 2002.

© Richard Layton

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matthew culbert said...

The Labour Party has always had its own share of opportunistic, racist, slimeballs also, pandering to prejudice for electoral reasons.