Sunday, November 08, 2020

Capitalists Won The Election


Copy and Paste the Face of Joe Biden

Every other Tom Dick and Harry are having their say on the election of a new American president, SOYMB blog feels it only right to add our perspective.

The Democratic leadership’s sabotaged – twice over – of Bernie Sanders, a candidate who gave voice to a degree of meaningful change. They chose Biden who they believed could lure Republicans to his side, something which has been now shown to be misconceived. Trump actually increased his Republican base. The very visible and vocal Lincoln Project of never-Trumpers proved to be disastrous and a very expensive failure.  

Biden may adjust the tax codes to make the wealthy pay a bit more but he will not be challenging corporate power.

Economist Richard Wolff correctly and clearly explains what the Biden election really means.

“...The great majority of enterprises will continue to be owned and operated by a small minority of Americans. They will continue to use their positions atop the capitalist system to expand their wealth, “economize their labor costs,” and thereby deepen the United States’ inequalities of wealth and income.

The employer class will continue to use its wealth to buy, control, and shape the nation’s politics to prevent the employee class from challenging their ownership and operation of the economic system. Indeed, for a very long time, they have made sure that (1) only two political parties dominate the government and (2) both enthusiastically commit to preserving and supporting the capitalist system…

...Economic crashes (“downturns,” “busts,” “recessions,” and “depressions”) will continue to occur on average every four to seven years, disrupting our economy and society…

...Both major parties function as cheerleaders for capitalism under all circumstances, even when a killer pandemic coincides with a major capitalist crash. Real political choice would require a party that criticizes capitalism and offers a path toward social transition beyond capitalism… 

All change in the White House. No change for the workers.


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