Saturday, November 07, 2020

A living wage for City and United

Food banks in Manchester have written to the city's Premier League football clubs saying "many" staff members are "struggling to put food on the table".

They have urged Manchester City and Manchester United to pay their staff a "real living wage" of £9.30 an hour.

The recommended rate is different to the statutory National Living Wage for workers aged 25 and above, which currently stands at £8.72 an hour.

The Living Wage Foundation has previously said its "real" pay rate - which applies to workers over 18 - is calculated independently and is based on costs such as food, clothing and household bills.

Their calculation is that it is £9.30 an hour across the UK except in London, where it is £10.75 with the rate is set to change next week as part of Living Wage week.

In a letter, they said: "...the reality is that many of your own staff, including caterers and cleaners, are themselves struggling to put food on the table because they don't earn the real living wage."

According to the Living Wage Foundation, only five Premier League clubs - Everton, Liverpool, West Ham, Chelsea and Crystal Palace - currently pay staff the real living wage.

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The Beautiful Game...hmmm. Maybe Mr. Rashford, with his Queen's Honour, could campaign on behalf of the Manchester United F.C. employees to have their wages increased.
Oh no, that's a step too far because he would be leading a campaign against his
employers too.