Saturday, October 03, 2020

..For richer or richer

“High Society” is a 1956 American musical film set charting the romantic machinations of the socialite set of Rhode Island.

  A thread  throughout is to elicit sympathy for the hard times the rich  can suffer too. They're just like you and me.  One of the songs in the film is “Who wants to be a millionaire?” 

Not I! declaims the swain who swears that the lifestyle of the rich would be meaningless without the companionship of the person being wooed.

 That doesn't cut the mustard any more buddy.

 Billionaires are where its at. “Billionaires Are Getting Richer During The COVID-19 Pandemic While Most Americans Suffer” is the headline from an online article in, April 27. The article, quoting the Institute for Policy Studies, says that whilst the tax burden of billionaires has fallen by 79 per cent since 1980 total wealth has increased by 308 billion dollars and that their collective wealth increased by 1130 per cent between 1990 and 2020.

The article states that between them three particular billionaires own as much wealth as the bottom fifty per cent of Americans. In an unintentionally humorous comment the articles author says,

 “In our capitalist system which has ironically turned socialist (sic)  in response to the Covid 19 outbreak becoming a billionaire is fine. Most of them have worked hard (sic) and built companies…”

What is sick is not just the suffering from a virulent flu strain and resultant maladies from the attack on civil liberties but the continuing actions on the part of the working class to continue to increase the wealth and power of a small minority in opposition to their own self interest.





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