Thursday, July 02, 2020

Ruling Class Image Damaged

Another statue is damaged, this time it's one depicting the former leader of Ethiopia : Haile Selassie in Wimbledon on 30/6/20. (BBC News online, 2/7/20)

           There has been unrest in Ethiopia since the singer Hachalu Hundessa was shot dead on 29/6/20 in Ethiopia.

           He was a promoter of Oromo self rule. The Oromo people are the largest ethnic group of 34.50 % in Ethiopia.

           Advocates Of Human Rights produced a report in 2009 called "Human Rights In Ethiopia: Through the Eyes Of The Oromo Diaspora" which documented human rights violations.

           Three successive regimes, including under Haile Selassie, were implicated in this report.

The Press Association stated there was a group of people in
Wimbledon carrying fliers with Oromo slogans inscribed on them.

          Let's bring down Capitalism worldwide instead.

Let Capitalism tumble bringing in a world without leaders, without prejudice and the many ills that haunt us.

           Production for need and not profit without buying  and selling.


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