Sunday, July 05, 2020

BLM and Australia's Indigenous Peoples

In Australia there have been protests in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and an increased focus of the mistreatment of Indigenous People. (Reuters, 5 - 7 - 20)

  The Australian Aborigines are  just over 3% of a population of about 25 million according to the latest government data!

 The greater global awareness of the mistreatment of Minorities, as the protests have highlighted, comes as the Australian government holds an inquiry into Rio Tinto Zinc's destruction of  two ancient and sacred Aboriginal caves.

As Socialists we are striving for a time where nobody owns land, we just manage and look after it as a natural thing to do.

 We want a world without prejudices, a world without all the trappings of Capitalism that is holding The Working Class back.

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