Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Jewish Zionism and Palestinian Nationalism

"...Religion and race, national independence and patriotism, are now, from the worker's point of view, just so many ruling-class devices useful for the purpose, among others, of stirring up hatred when and where they may want it...

...Socialism alone is worth struggling for. That is the message of the Socialist to all the working-class dupes of the closely-allied superstitions of religious, racial and patriotic rivalries. Jewish workers and Arab workers both suffer, but not because they are Jew or Arab, or because they happen both to be in Palestine, but because they are workers and therefore exploited by those who own and control their means of life. The Jewish workers cannot solve their problems by transferring their misery from New York or Berlin to Jerusalem. The world will be fit for Jewish workers and Arab workers to live in when, and only when, the working-class, as a whole, have gained political control for the establishment of Socialism..."

Socialist Standard, October 1929.

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