Monday, July 13, 2020

Aboriginals Paying More for Food

A national inquiry into food security in remote Aboriginal communities has heard that poverty is the single greatest contributor to food insecurity.

The inquiry heard that in 2019, 26% of Indigenous people nationally lived in a household which, in the previous 12 months, had run out of food and could not afford to buy more.
In remote communities, the national Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health survey (NATSIHS) found, 43% of Indigenous people reported having gone without food in the previous 12 months.
The Australian Council of Social Service’s 2019 survey showed that basic goods in remote stores are 56% more expensive than at regional supermarkets. There were also big price differences between communities – with a basket costing $1,150 in one privately owned store, and $680 in a store run by a community group.

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