Friday, June 19, 2020

Working People - Sacrificial Lambs

Whether Americans know it or not, their government is not working for them. Their government is working on behalf of capital. Humans are now a mere secondary factor to be considered based on how it affects capital. Capitalism must be protected and nurtured, and the State must draw resources from our entire society in order to help capital survive.  People can be sacrificed—capital is irreplaceable. 

It is no exaggeration to say that tens or hundreds of thousands of Americans will die because the government is prematurely relaxing lockdowns to permit business to resume rather than prioritize human life. They will die because we did not dedicate resources before this pandemic to building an adequate system of public health care, and they will die because we made the decision during this pandemic to put the needs of capital first. Businesses did not keep working people on payrolls, because that would be less advantageous for the owners of capital. The government did not mobilize factories, nor pharmaceutical research, because that would be less advantageous to the owners of capital. And it did not release the prisoners in the jails being ravaged by this disease. What would that do for the stock market? Doctors are getting pay cuts because they are no longer making revenue for their employers with nonessential procedures; nurses are becoming sick and dying because we didn’t stockpile enough cheap plastic masks; grocery workers are forced to beg and plead and strike for a couple of dollars extra per hour, at the risk of their own lives. 

The true beneficiaries of this crisis, from the perspective of those in charge, will be the private equity firms that rush in to buy up distressed businesses, and the hedge funds that pour money into cheap debt, and the investors that scoop up the homes that people will be evicted from. They are the ones that give a transfusion of investment the life-blood of capitalism.


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