Friday, June 26, 2020

When the game will be up

When you put the mark of the illiterate on the ballot paper you give up all your power and rights, you hand them to whoever is the winner and forms the new Government.
The Government then acts in the best interests of society as a whole, chiefly the propertied 1% class. They (the government) then can, hit you over the head with a police baton, fire tear gas at you, suffocate you to death, shoot you dead, harass you because of the color of your skin, put you in jail even if you’ve not  committed a crime, and sentence you to death.
When we stop being philanthropists, handing over the wealth we produce to the idle parasite robber capitalist the capitalists. 
When you stop acquiescing.
When you inscribed on your placards and banners: “Abolition of the wages system “
When you vote for yourself for a change. The game will be up.

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