Friday, June 05, 2020

We need a better world

In the United States, the low level of working class consciousness permits the ruling class submission of the majority.” We may participate in formal mechanisms like political parties and voting but these only ratify decisions already denied by our “betters. The option of changing society rarely appears on the ballot or is even be imagined by working people. Democracy is allowed only if control of production and distribution of societies wealth is not on the electoral platform. Not enough people grasp the importance of moving on from street uprisings to the revolutionary reconstruction of our society. The entire world has its neck under the iron heel of the capitalist jack-boot.

The media is an organ of capitalist propaganda and attempts to mould working peoples’ ideas to suit the interests of the capitalist class. A glance at the world in general reveals a sadly sick and chaotic society. Socialism cannot be created if it is not a world-wide system. Some parts of the world may advance towards it slightly before others. But the eventual establishment of it must be a virtually simultaneous act, to transform society from a competitive to a co-operative basis. Tragically, our fellow-workers still believe they could solve their problems by voting for reformist parties. They would always remain wage slaves until they voted for an international socialist society, with no wages, no money, no national slates, and where goods would be produced for human need, not profit. State-capitalism and nationalisation are forms of capitalism. They have nothing in common with socialism. The way to abolish racism is to abolish the capitalist system that bred it. There could be no guarantee of permanent peace without a world-wide system of common ownership and social equality.

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